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The Samurai and Their Swords

Filipino Martial Arts

The Filipino martial arts are called Arnis, Escrima or Kali and the three styles are essentially the same. Filipino martial arts (FMA) emphasize the ability to fight equally well empty handed and with weapons. The primary weapon of most Filipino Martial Arts are rattan sticks, also called escrima sticks but the arts of Dumog, Panantukan and Sikaran are exclusively empty handed.


What Filipino Martial Arts are about


The Eskrima-Digest
1350 member escrima email discussion list. Recommended.

FMA Instructor's Directory
Searchable instructor's directory.

Black Eagle Eskrima
Info about Arnis, Eskrima, filipino martial arts, articles, quizzes, forum and more.

Rapido Realismo Martial Arts
The official site of Rapido Realismo Martial Arts - A street combative Filipino Martial Arts.



Martial Arts Weapons

Escrima Sticks

Exercise equipment including heart rate monitors, strength training equipment and Chin Up Bars

Swords - samurai swords, ninja swords and fantasy swords.


Martial Art Technologies
Lakeland, Florida Instruction in Angeles Escrima/kali and other reality based combat arts by Guro R.Marsh, student of Maestro Armando p Angeles of cebu city, philippines


Filipino Martial Arts Magazine
Offline Filipino martial arts magazine.

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