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The Samurai and Their Swords


Aikido was founded by Morihei Ueshiba and was so named in 1942. Aikido is the combination of jiu-jitsu joint locks, sword and spear fighting's body movement and Morihei Ueshiba's innovations.

Aikido is not the most effective combative art. Aikido techniques can certainly be modified and applied for fighting but the style is designed for idealized situations and not for maximum damage as some other martial arts are. Aikido does a very good job of teaching and developing non-injuring self defense techniques.


The History of Morihei Ueshiba

The Memoir of the Master
by Morihei Ueshiba


Aiki-Jitsu of Tahlequah
Aiki-Jitsu of Tahlequah is an authorized charter school of Self-defense Systems Internations.

United States Aikido Federation

The International Aikido Federation


Animated Techniques
Nicely done animations of 7 aikido techniques.

Technique Videos
.avis of the 20 Jo Suburi.

Demonstrations of Techniques
Short clips of a dozen techniques displayed in animated gif format.


Judo Gi

Judo Uniform

Martial Arts Uniform

Martial arts weapons



Dojo Search Engine
A very comprehensive database to search from.

Aikido Ranks and Titles
Approximate times for kyu and dan promotions along with their titles.

American Institute Of Martial Arts
Aikido School in Connecticut. Teaching Aikido/Aiki-jitsu for health, fitness and self defense.

British Aikido Information -- Includes information on the british aikido controversy as well as articles and information.

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